Friday, 12 June 2015

Gut Update

Hello again!
Just to let you guys know that things are slowly improving.
We're 90% sure that I've been suffering from a particularly nasty bout of IBS. (I didn't even know it could get that painful. Seriously. Like fishhooks pulling on your insides.)
It's still all rather tender but through the careful application of Gaviscon, Buscopan and warm baths everything is calming down bit by bit.

I can also eat some things now! Hooraaaaaaaay!
I am currently feasting on a diet of boiled eggs, plain liquidised porridge, and plain chicken or fish with white rice and mashed carrots. (To those that asked, bananas are still a resounding no.)
Fingers crossed I'll be able to add some other things after a week or so.

Since this happened whilst trying to build up to another detox my clinic and I have decided to shelve that while my gut recovers and work on keeping my symptoms on a level throughout the month.


Saturday, 6 June 2015

Quick Update

Just a bit of an update for you guys.
I'm finding things quite hard at the mo - my body seems to be going through a spate of not liking anything I eat very much, so it's all a bit fraught.
If it takes me a while to respond to people, then that's why.

I'm intending to write an open letter to David Cameron and Ian Duncan-Smith about the planned welfare cuts but that's having to take a backseat at the moment.
That said, if anyone finds out how much was spent on benefits last year, how much of that is estimated to be fraudulent (I think it's about 0.7%), or how much is missing due to tax fraud (I think that's about 2 billion), please let me know.

Lots of love