Monday, 23 April 2018

Tiny Hannah Returns! My Step-Dad's 70th

Hello my lovely loves!

I originally posted this by accident on my illustration blog, and have only just noticed. Smooth move, Radenkova.
In any case, after the last post's pretty heavy offerings we have something a little lighter! Tiny Hannah is back from America!
She'll be going back over and continuing her travels later in the year, but I wanted her home for my step-dad's 70th. She also has a couple of weddings to attend in the UK this summer so stay tuned for that!


 A familiar shadow falls across the village of Tilney St Lawrence

 The wanderer returns!

 TH dresses for the occasion (and helps with the party bags)
(Yes, I made party bags for a 70th birthday. What of it?)

 Mum and David scrub up rather well too.

 And there's this rather epic cake to look forward to for tea

 If she has room after the massaman curry of course

 And the chocolate-hazelnut dessert of dreams

 Group photo!

Deep discussions are held

  Leslie decides to become TH's fairy godfather
(See, *this* is why you make party bags for 70th birthdays.)

 Home time!