Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Tiny Hannah's Adventures: Richmond Wedding with Leanne

My good friend Catie got married this October. I was going to be bridesmaid, but obviously I couldn't be there in person so Tiny Hannah made her way, with my poet friend, Leanne, in my place. I got dressed up in my bridesmaids dress in Norfolk and listened in on the wedding via the internet, before having a very long lie down!
Some of Catie's friends were good enough to do that for me, and also record a video so I could see her and Ben get married. (Thanks Sarah and Jo!)
Leanne wrote a lovely poem called Starstruck for the wedding, that she performed on the day, which you can see here.
I actually wrote a poem as well, that Catie's friend Catherine read for me. Here it is...

Happily Ever After

I do not want a "Happily Ever After" with you,
Because then the story’s finished, and the credits roll on through,
I want some more adventures; New Zealand, Venice, and who knows?!
(And we can discuss who’s the sidekick as we set off on the road.

I do not want a "Happily Ever After" with you,
The reality’s much better, and I’d rather have the truth,
Of arguments about where the hell we put the remote control,
And laying close in darkness, quietly scrolling on our phones.

I do not want a "Happily Ever After" with you,
(Although if anybody else does, they’ll have to join the queue)
Just watching hours of footie, shouting “Come on, Liverpool!”
But making time for Poirot, Miss Marple and Doctor Who.

I do not want a "Happily Ever After" with you,
No glitter-covered castles (although I’m sure it’s a lovely view)
I want cats, and kids, and laughter, and yes, the tough times too,
Work and play, it’s all the same. I just want me and you.

I do not want a "Happily Ever After" with you,
I know that you’re the one for me, and I know you feel that too,
So let’s tell the films to stuff it, because as lovely as they seem,
They could never live up to what we have; we’re living the flippin’ dream.

Here are some photos from the day - there are still the photos from the professional photographer to come, so I'm looking forward to those as well!!

On the way!

Quick welcome drink

Mmm Bucks Fizz

Uh oh! Red wine!

With the Beautiful Bride!

The Bride and Groom

Sarah and Catherine

Sarah and Leanne

Ready to eat!

Beautiful leaves

Rachel and Leanne

Shoes off, ready to dance!

More booze. Naughty Tiny Hannah

Disco time!

Found a friend

Rachel and Paul

Polaroid time

Selfie with Dale!


Down in Norfolk

The whole outfit

(Sorry, you're not getting any sleepy after photos! H)

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