Thursday, 16 April 2015

My Cousin Runneth

Hello again lovelies,

I'm afraid it's another short post just to let you know that my good and excellent cousin, Richard Eagle, is running in the BUPA 10k this year to raise money for the ME Association!

If you have a few quid going spare it'd be lovely if you could sponsor him.
(Particularly as I'm going to be a tiny bit mortified if we suggested it to him and he doesn't make his target!)

As for me, I'm still dealing with some pretty nasty reactions. 
We think some of the bad gut flora are starting to be starved out with my diet changes (which is good) but they're not going without a fight, so it's all rather difficult at the moment.
I've dropped from my normal 15% to around 7% so I'm mostly trying not to do anything that might put me in bed until it all calms down.
So if I'm quiet or grumpy (or have to cancel things) in the next few weeks then that's why.


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