Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Standby Hedgehog: Part Deux

Once again we see the return of Standby Hedgehog (although this time he's finished his bath).

Just to let you know that I'm okay, but I'm feeling extra knackered at the moment. I've had four appointments with various healthcare professionals in the last two weeks and I've got another one next week.

The clinic is also trying to make sure I'm getting as much goodness from my diet as possible, so I've been trying out various supplements.
That's fine, but because my bod is so sensitive right now I've been having some quite strong reactions to some of them, so that's been playing merry hell with my energy levels.

I will get back on here once this everything calms down a bit.

Thanks for all the support for my last post, it really meant a lot. Also, for the post I've been getting :) I haven't been able to thank everyone individually for the reasons I stated above, but rest assured every piece is highly appreciated.


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