Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Tiny Hannah's Adventures: San Francisco with Victoria

Hello again my lovely loves!

We join Tiny Hannah in the next stage of her travels, in San Francisco with Victoria and Rob.
I've got a few friends in the area, so she'll be there for a little while so everyone can get a photo with her (and the hugs I have magically imbued in her tiny felt body).

TH arrives

A guest bed!

That jet lag's a killer

She's pretty relaxed though

Icing Christmas cookies!

... with some refreshments

Pretty Christmas jumpers. 
Or sweaters, as the case may be.

TH and Victoria, ready to party.


TH even saw Santa on her travels!

That elf got all flustered and dropped his list when he saw TH.
I don't blame him. She's pretty fabulous.

Exploring San Francisco!

The Palace of Fine Arts is so beautiful.

And majestic.

Look at all that majesty.

Tall majesty.

Always pleasing to see a nice ceiling.

(Much satisfied with the architecture)

The Golden Gate bridge!

Mmmm sunshine. 
She's only had to go to a different continent to find some.

The wonderful Victoria and Rob.

You've got to love a harbour

Mmmm boats.