Thursday, 7 June 2018

Gatsby For M.E.! Online Vintage Charity Tea Party

Hello my lovely loves!

A really fun one for you today. Basically, I'm inviting you to a party. And it doesn't matter where you live, or if you have a car, or even if you can leave the house, you can come to my party anyway.

My Mum and I are holding a 1920's themed charity tea party in our local church hall to raise money for the ME Association. I've been making decorations, finding live music, and sourcing some awesome raffle prizes from some lovely people in local business. My wonderful able-bodied friends are going to dress up like flappers and serve cakes and tiny sandwiches. It's going to be amazing.

But obviously... I can't go. I can making bunting till the cows come home, but I'm still housebound. And it got me thinking about all the other people who couldn't go, so I decided, "Sod that. Let's have a party anyway."

So on the 11th August, 2018 we'll be holding TWO parties. My lovely Mum will be wearing hr finest 20s outfit at Terrington St John Methodist Church Hall from 3pm, with live music, a raffle, cake and tiny sandwiches.
And I shall be online with the hashtag #GatsbyForME, also with cake, hopefully in my 20s finest. (You know how it is, don't count the energy chickens until they've hatched. Or something.)
Join in with photos of your outfits, or your tea and cake if you're not up to dressing up with the hashtag and let's have a zero-energy knees up.
There are plenty of hashtags about how difficult ME/CFS is, and those are amazing and very important, but just for once, let's have a fun one and celebrate how awesome we are. And raise some cash while we're at it.
I'd love it if you could join us at either. Or both.

If you want to buy tickets (or ask questions) then drop us an email at These are limited, as there is only so much space at the hall, so be aware.

We'll be running a Just Giving, so even if you're not there in person you can still donate, and I'll be picking one lucky donator to give an illustration to as a thank you.
The Just Giving page is here.

The Facebook event is here. And of course I'll be around on social media if you want to get in contact.

Let's party!