Wednesday, 25 July 2018

TH Adventures! Ian and Lilli's Wedding

Hello my lovely loves!

While I've been hard at work preparing for Gatsby For ME, Tiny Hannah has been gallivanting off to various parties. Bloody typical.
Here she is at the lovely Lilli and Ian's wedding.


Chillin' while the photos are done

Making friends

Official photo time with the happy couple!

Finding her place card


Dessert time!

Hugs with Ian

It's Adrian!

Writing in the guest book

Uh oh. She's found the champers. It's about to get rowdy.

TH! Don't slap Rafferty!

It's ok, they made up.

Such a poser

Min and Vince!

Time for speeches

Ooh! Pic n mix!

Time to cool off outside.

Uh, guys, I'm not sure that's a good idea...

...she gets a bit clingy after a few beers.

Butter wouldn't melt.