Friday, 12 October 2018

The Gatsby Party

Hello my lovely loves!

It's been a little while now since the Gatsby fundraiser, but I've finally found the time and energy to get all the photos together and put them online!

It was such a success, so thank you to everyone who helped out or donated money, especially my most wonderful Mum, Karen.
We raised a whopping £1,547.30 for the ME Association, which is pretty good for people who've never organised a fundraiser before!
Mum, bless her, has said Never Again, but I feel like I've learned a lot should I ever be involved with any other events, so that's good.

I had such fun making the decorations, although it's taken me a little while to a. get over it, and b. stop feeling bereft without another big project on.
Fortunately, Halloween costume planning, Christmas card making and present buying/making has taken over.

Without further ado, here are the photos from the event, and some from my concurrent celebration that took place at home, with a little surprise from Mum...

Tiny Hannah readies herself for the celebration...

 ... The bunting is up...

... The feather fans are fluffed...

... The microphone is in place...

... Mum and George practice their moves...

... And Tim prepares the music.

People start to arrive! 

"What excellent sandwiches", they say.

"I could eat at least four more cakes", they admit.

Alicia is chuffed with her shortbread haul. 

Delicious cakes!

People find the flapper board.

Including Auntie Tina.

And Tim!

But soon it's back to work. 
And TH joins him to lounge on the piano.

Work it, Tiny Hannah.

The party's in full swing.

Mum really gets into it!

Even TH has a go at the mic!

Mum and David have a bop in the kitchen.

The sign of a good party is an undone bow tie.

Alicia provides reinforcements with David in the kitchen!

The press comes to interview our lovely helpers!
Minus Charlie who is allergic to cameras. 
And Mum who is probably feeding someone, as is her wont.

 Meanwhile at home...

I try to do my best screen siren impression.

... and then find that I can't hold a serious expression for that long.

Particularly as...


She has spoken to the makers of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
about our fundraiser, and that I can't go,
and they have sent me some goodies!

A signed photo, some Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears hand cream...

And a limited edition silk scarf!