Sunday, 15 May 2022

The Party or What it takes to get outta here

Hello my lovely loves!

This ME Awareness Week I've got a little surprise for you. Part of the reason I've been quiet on my blog over the last couple of years is the extra effort and care I've been putting into improving my health. 

It's slow and frustrating and sometimes makes me want to scream, but... over time I've really started to see the benefits. Perhaps not ones that would seem a great deal to an outsider, but progress nevertheless.

Three weeks ago my parents had an afternoon tea for their 25th Anniversary (although technically 27th now, ta, Covid) and I've been working really hard in order to make an appearance.

And I'm so, so proud I made it. I couldn't stop smiling all day, even once I'd started to feel awful.

I'm currently about 3 weeks afterwards and the Payback is lifting, but I'm still not quite back to how I was pre-party. Still, that's blooming' good going for an ME sufferer! (Also payback is made much more bearable with
ridiculous amounts of leftover cake. Shocker.)

I took the opportunity to make a video showing what goes into making it to an event like this, even for such a short time. If you're a sufferer yourself then feel free to filch any ideas I used to make it happen.

Before I link it, there are two things I forgot to mention in the video:
1. We chose the time I'd arrive at the party very carefully. Too late and I'd already be past my best for the day, and too early and people would be doing their hellos which is very tiring to be involved in. People arrived at half 2 to begin tea at 3, so Tom set off at 3 to pick me up.
2. I mentioned taking snacks because, even with having eaten before leaving and during the party, there was always a chance my blood sugar would suddenly drop. 
While getting used to short trips I've overdone it in the car before and become stuck in the carpark outside our house while Mum ferried in biscuits from the house. Now we always take some as a preventative measure.

Special thanks to Tom, who chopped a chunk out of his afternoon tea experience to come pick me up and drop me off again. I couldn't have done it without you! (I did say thanks on the day, but it bears repeating.)

Mum's on the left and that's my aunt on the right. 
We have the same nose.

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